Highlights of 2018

Looking back at 2018, liwwa has continued its rapid growth with a substantial increase in the number of loans and balance outstanding. Beyond financial performance we continued to support small and medium enterprises (“SMEs”), growing income, creating more jobs and supporting economic growth. We continue to make real progress around operations and underwriting technology, and risk management systems. We’ve focused on continuously refining our credit analytics tools and transforming the investor experience. We have delivered solid results the last year, and we have confidence that we will continue to deliver in the future.

Economic Impact in 2018

  • Supported 627 jobs in Jordan, up from 306 in 2017

  • Generated $2.3 Million in income for Jordanians, up from $1.2 Million in 2017

  • Generated $15.4 Million in output to the Jordanian economy, up from $8.3 Million in 2017

Operations & Growth

  • 80% increase in lending, from $5 Million lent across 122 loans in 2017, to $9.3 Million lent across 229 loans in 2018

  • 6 new employees hired in 2018

  • $17 Million lent across 449 loans since inception

Our Best Moment

  • liwwa has been listed as one of the 100 leading Fintech companies globally in the “2018 FINTECH 100” report. Click here to access the full report.

Value Added

  • liwwa started disbursing funds to borrowers within 48 hours of receiving a complete application.

  • The Technology Team introduced mCAE, liwwa’s credit analytics engine that uses machine learning to predict the credit risk of loan applications, allowing liwwa's underwriters to focus their work on the most promising applications. This helps liwwa make faster, more accurate credit decisions.

Brian Marland

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